North Shore Vipers

Kerry Brennan-White

Hockey Director

coaches (20)

Kerry was named the North Shore Vipers Hockey Director in 2019. Along with her program management duties, Kerry also runs weekly skills practices for the Vipers and is a Coach in the program.

coaches (2)

Keri Allan

Head Coach U10
coaches (19)

Todd Ebert

Head Coach U12 Major 1
coaches (15)

Joe Robillard

Head Coach U12 Major 2
coaches (9)

Paul Doyon

Head Coach U12 Tier 2
coaches (17)

Keri Allan

Head Coach U13-1
coaches (8)

Robert Wopperer

Co-Head Coach U13-2
coaches (18)

Kevin O'Driscoll

Co-Head Coach U13-2
coaches (13)

Marc Belliveau

Head Coach U14-1
coaches (7)

Rob Lynch

Head Coach U14-2
coaches (14)

Kevin Frost

Head Coach U16-1
coaches (5)

Kristy Yorston

Head Coach U16 Major 2
coaches (10)

Mike Allan

Head Coach U16 Minor 2
coaches (3)

Rich Rago

Head Coach U19-1
coaches (12)

Chris Papamechail